Death Sentence Liberty #1-4

Created by Monty Nero

A "masterwork" comic about an STD that gives you superpowers but kills you in six months.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

New stretch goals!! And an amazing offer.
over 1 year ago – Mon, Sep 30, 2019 at 01:19:50 AM

Well, I honestly didn't think we'd raise much more, but we have - all praise to you crazy bastards! It's clearly time announce the next two stretch goals!

If we reach £9000 we'll do a special die-cut vinyl sticker of Goth Verity! This was an image I painted for a special backer and people seem to really love it (top left below).  I'll develop and change it a little before the stickerification process, to make it really pop in sticker form.

And if we hit £10,000 I'll paint a special commission to include with everyone's print order. You can vote what it'll be, choosing from 4 options 

The Bride - Kill Bill

Judge Dredd

Bobba Fett

Debbie  Harry

You can either comment after this post, and I'll count them up, or you can vote on the following link.

Either way, huge thanks for backing us all the way to the end! We simply wouldn't be able to make this stunning comic without you.

If you're new to Death Sentence  - Hi - thankyou! - and make sure you check out the legendary UPDATE 13 before this campaign ends. It's a special offer for backers only, quite possibly never to be repeated. You can read all about it here

More tomorrow



Props to you! Spotlight on Max Boost and Death Trap. Writing advice.
over 1 year ago – Sun, Sep 29, 2019 at 12:41:11 PM

Well,  huge thanks to everyone ordering our comic. If we end up being able to send at least five awesome bonus stretch rewards to everyone who's ordered Death Sentence #4 that would be something.

I wrote a little piece about writing issue 1's, which you can check out on Down the Tubes here A lot of these principles apply to writing in general. And if you want to talk more about writing, or anything comic related, you can always reach me at " itsmontynero at gmail dot com. "

Meanwhile, let me shine a light on some other creators.

Death Trap is my kind of comic

It's a rockabilly-infused vaudevillian paranormal grindhouse with circus freaks and a badass girl out for vengeance. And who amongst us is not entranced by rockabilly-infused vaudevillian paranormal grindhouse with circus freaks and a badass girl out for vengeance? 

It also features a haunted car,and an extremely violent dancing bear! 

It's brought to you by the sterling team of

  •  Matt Miner (words) - GWAR, Poser, Liberator, All We Ever Wanted
  •  Christopher Peterson (art) - Grindhouse: Doors Open at Midnight, Mayday, Broken World
  •  Josh Jensen (colors) - GWAR, Lab Raider, House of Fear, Doctor Crowe
  •  Matt Krotzer (letters) - Strayed, Retcon, Lab Raider, House of Fear
  •  Eric Palicki (backup story writer) - Atlantis Wasn't Built For Tourists, No Angel

And a lot of people seem to love their work, which is alway a good sign.

"Death Trap feels like the best kind of 1970s action road film, with razor sharp, fast paced dialogue and visceral car mayhem." - Max Dunbar, Dungeons & Dragons, Baldur's Gate, Micronauts

"A punk rock, high energy, in-your-face adventure with undertones of camp and nostalgia. Baroque and modern, this intense and action-packed new comic-with-an-attitude is breaking rules and careening around the corner on two wheels!" - Katy Rex, Sweet Valley High, Jade Street Protection Services

You can check it out here

Meanwhile, Max Boost is a story about Max and Otto, and their adventures in Motorville. Max, a hyperactive boy, dreams of horsepower and fast cars, and Otto, his trusty sidekick and voice of reason, are best friends.

They love cars and racing, and hope to have a racecar of their own one day so they can challenge the town bully, Todd, to a race to put him in his place.

And so begins Max's quest to keep himself from embarrassment leads him to tuner culture and fast and furious hi-jinx. ...Meanwhile a bigger threat to ALL of Motorville looms overhead, and Motorville's existence is in question.

This book is over 100 pages of Max Boost's misadventures - from tuning upgrades, to police, drag racing, drifting, burnouts and togue.

You can learn more here.

 Max Boost:

Till next time


Fourth Stretch goal Unlocked! Captain Cosmic!!
over 1 year ago – Mon, Sep 23, 2019 at 01:41:49 PM

We hit the fourth stretch goal so now there's only one left! Fantastic to see!! It's a long way to get there though. I've got a feeling we might fall short of £8000 but I've been surprised before (most times, actually). It's in your capable hands. Spead the Death Sentence love to your pals and load up with more free stuff.

Always feel very lucky when our comics get funded, and it's only right to spread that good fortune around the rest of the comics community. Take the incomparable Andy Clift for example, not that he needs any favours from us with his high-quality work and busy schedule.

Captain Cosmic is a gloriously Silver-age comic, celebrating the joyous fun of that era with great verve and attention to detail. Everything Andy does with Captain Cosmic is beautifully realised, from the palette to the rendering to the mock antique finish he imbues each page with. It's a labour of love, and his enthusiasm is infectious.  

This is the third great issue, with two successful campaigns behind him, and I backed them all. There are catch up levels, plus some great rewards like trading cards and a 3d prints.

This issue sees the mysterious Phantom Spaceman reappear and break into an advanced Quantum Tech Facility to steal a fantastic new element, but needless to say - Captain Cosmic will have something to say about that!

There are only five days left on the campaign, so if Silver-age space adventures float your boat - don't delay.

More soon.



Huge Thanks! Fourth Stretch Goal alert!
over 1 year ago – Sun, Sep 22, 2019 at 11:15:17 PM

Yes! Not only have we blasted past the third stretch goal but thanks to your generous backing were a few pounds off the fourth!! Astounding. You rock! We are not worthy.

The question is, with 8 days left, can we hit the fifth?!!

And while your thinking about that give yourself a huge hug from me and everyone at Death Sentence’s secret underground headquarters.

More soon



Exciting times! And Flying Sparks!
over 1 year ago – Sat, Sep 21, 2019 at 01:06:00 AM

We burst through the 300 backer mark sometime yesterday, and with 11 days to go could we top our all-time total for a Death Sentence comic? It's all in your hands.

We also offered something very special to backers only in update 13. Originally the plan was to give backers a head start, then break the offer wider. But the offer's been so popular that it's going to have to stay a strictly backers only affair. So if you're a backer - thanks a lot - check out update 13 for details!

It looks like we're going to ship at least 4 bonus items for free with each print order, by the time the campaign closes. If we surpass the fifth stretch goal, we'll announce some fresh rewards then to celebrate. So keep sharing the project link however you can. You can copy and paste it from the top of the page or follow this link and rt. Did you know some poor souls remain completely unaware of Death Sentence Liberty? It boggles the mind! It's only right to help these tragic unfortunate bastards find meaning, purpose, and happiness at last.

Talking of great comics, Vessels is entering its final phase with 2 days to go. Well worth your time, if you like cosmic dark fantasy. And I also backed Flying Sparks, which is a fun superhero comic evoking classic Amazing Spider-man or Stephanie Brown Batgirl. 

"Flying Sparks is "the kind of stuff that made me fall in love with early Marvel Comics"- 

It's the third graphic novel in an ongoing series, with a dramatic twisty-turny plot, and some vivid art too

Altogether a very professional package put together by Jon Del Arroz (writer), Jethro Morales (art) and Sanju Nivangune (colours). Check out more here. 

More soon!