Death Sentence Liberty #1-4

Created by Monty Nero

A "masterwork" comic about an STD that gives you superpowers but kills you in six months.

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over 1 year ago – Tue, Oct 01, 2019 at 04:53:01 PM

Fuck me! We just passed £10,000. Incredible. Huge thanks for the support.

At the heart of all this is a really kick-ass story. We love making comics the right way, and it means a lot to see so many people come back for more and bring in new readers too. The cornerstone of everything is having original characters, a gripping premise, and a tight, explosive script. There's an art to storytelling, and I go over some of the fundamentals here. (I actually write these notes to remind myself what to do, but this got picked up by a website via my mailing list. I'm glad someone else found it useful too.)

If you're new to all this don't hesitate to check out Update 13 for an incredible offer, which may never be repeated. (It depends on factors beyond our control.) All I can guarantee is the Deep Dive offer will be honoured for anyone ordering up to and including today. So get it while it's there.

We've also got a final twist in the tale which is original art from issue 5 on. Just two slots available at £300 each added to your existing level. The advantage of ordering now is you'll get to pick your page ahead of the issue 5 campaign. (In the unlikely event you don't like any of the pages we'll find some equivalent artwork from the series which you really do like or refund your extra pledge.) The disadvantage is you'll be waiting a few months for all the issue art to be finished. Original art from the comic is something we've been mulling over for a while, and which you may see lots more of. Like all rewards, we'll just have to see how popular it is and go from there. If original comic art is your thing this is a chance to get in early and bag the best page for you. And it it's not, hopefully we've got plenty of other rewards to keep you entertained.

If we still have over £10,000 when the campaign closes (in 4 short hours!!) then that means we'll be adding not just the Verity Goth die cut vinyl sticker but ALSO the You-get-to-vote custom-art commission to the 5 other stretch rewards. At the moment it's between Judge Dredd and Debbie Harry. Voting will close on that at midnight tonight! I'll tot up the twitter votes and add them to the votes left in comments, and let you know who wins. Be sure to add your voice.

Fingers crossed we finish strong. Every tweet and share helps a lot! Here's the project link one final time.

Thanks again



Closing at 5pm BST today!!
over 1 year ago – Tue, Oct 01, 2019 at 02:20:29 PM

Tense times. I'd hate everyone to lose that final stretch goal and it just takes one more key person cancelling *sweats* Keep sharing that link:

One of the Golden Royale levels has come free today!!! This is what you get.

  • Death Sentence Liberty #4 printed - Monty Nero cover
  • Bookplate art print
  • 1 of 20 Gold Foil Verity Bra Art Print
  • 1 of 20 Gold Stick Your Shitty Job Up Your Tiny Pisshole Sticker
  • 1 of 20 Gold Foil Verity 'Stick Your Shitty Job' Art Print
  • 1 of 20 Gold Foil Verity Cover Art Print
  • Verity Fette hi-res screensaver pack (phone, monitor, tablet)
  • 1 of 20 Gold Foil Verity Postcard Set
  • 1 of 20 Gold Foil Verity Face Art Print
  • Death Sentence: Liberty #4 PDF
  • Death Sentence: Liberty #3 PDF
  • Death Sentence: Liberty #2 PDF
  • Death Sentence: Liberty #1 PDF
  • Death Sentence Liberty #1 printed - Monty Nero cover
  • Death Sentence Liberty #2 printed - Ben Oliver cover
  • Death Sentence Liberty #3 Printed - Luke Ross cover.
  • Ben Oliver issue 4 Cover Variant (Limited to 50)

Hopefully one backer's loss is another's gain. There's 65 minutes left to bag it, or take advantage of the amazing backer only Update 13 reward offer!!!

I said six pm earlier, my mistake. It all ends at 5pm.

Whatever happens, it's been a blast. Huge thanks to you all.



Final Rewards!
over 1 year ago – Tue, Oct 01, 2019 at 01:12:57 AM

Thanks so much for all your support over this crazy campaign. Here's a quick summary of where we're at with the remaining rewards: 

  • We've got just 1 - ONE - of the amazing Verity Gold Set left

There are just hours left to pick up these awesome levels. Check the prices on the REWARDS section because by the time you've read this they might well have gone.

  • Finally, can we unlock the mythical 7th Stretch Goal - the custom commission where you get to choose from

    The Bride - Kill Bill

    Judge Dredd

    Bobba Fett

    Debbie Harry

Vote here or if you're not on twitter leave your vote as a comment after this update. We'll count 'em all and let you know!

Keep sharing the campaign page link! Just 20 hours left - with one final push we hit that final target and smuggle these comics through the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs.

Let's bring this baby home!! 

Thanks a lot.



Argghh! It’s final day madness
over 1 year ago – Tue, Oct 01, 2019 at 12:54:41 AM

One of the Mega Ben Oliver Verity Gold Story So Far rewards just came free!! With only ten hours left!!

There’s only five of these in the world and they’ve been sold out for weeks. Nice reward for someone - if you can bag it before the curtain falls.

We’re so close to the final stretch goal now!! I never dreamed we’d get this far. Right now, on the final reward, Dredd is winning with Debbie Harry second. Keep voting for your fave, and keep sharing Death Sentence Liberty with your circle. This is the last day - so let’s make it count.

Huge thanks to you all!



6th stretch goal secured!!!! Death Trap! Skyscraper!
over 1 year ago – Mon, Sep 30, 2019 at 11:50:19 PM

Holy smokes! We hit the sixth stretch goal with 23hrs to spare - proving once again that I know absolutely nothing at all about how this works. Incredible. I salute you all.

Can we beat our highest ever total of backers before we close at 5pm BST tomorrow?! Doubtful. But I've been wrong at every stage. It's a wonderful thing to be continually surprised by the reaction to our work.

For the final day we do have a few extra things in store. Possibly. Keep your eyes peeled. And if you're new to Death Sentence don't forget to check out the mysterious UPDATE 13  - a reward for BACKERS ONLY running only TILL TOMORROW! Check it!

 Meanwhile, one of my fave comics on here needs your backing: Death Trap . It looks amazing. Holy fuck - get on it. Don’t deprive me off of the haunted car, circus freaks, and extremely violent dancing bear! Sure, I haven’t read it yet, but I really want to which is kind of the point of this site isn’t it. Brighter minds than me have described it thus:

 “an intense, muscle-car powered freakshow, jam-packed with enough insanity and action to make any comic reader happy." - Rich Douek, Road of Bones, Wailing Blade, Gutter Magic

 "Christine ain’t got nothing on a Mercury Cougar possessed by a dead dude and driven by his badass daughter." - Erica Schultz, Daredevil, Twelve Devils Dancing, M3

"A high-octane adventure that will have you tearing through the pages!" - James Maddox, Metaphorical HER, Dead Legends, All We Ever Wanted

 Intense! Check out their page for the full story and beautiful artwork - there’s only 60hrs left to get Death Trap!

 I like to see innovation, as you know, so another comic that caught my eye was Skyscraper! It’s a murder mystery in a newspaper sized format. Colour me excited. I actually backed this before I even registered it was written by my one-time Comic-Con Panel partner and all round good guy Ryan K Lindsay. It sounds a bit like Alan Moore's Eisner award winning short “How Things Work Out” with a twist, with some extra stylish art from Mitchell Collins. Ryan's delivered a lot of good stuff on here so you know you’re in safe hands.

 Thanks again for all your kind backing, without which we would have no art, lettering, comic, or basket of sweet sweet rewards to send you.

 More later.